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Motivate Awards

for Medical Excellence

Recognizing healthcare professionals who demonstrate excellence in the fields of research, knowledge translation, clinical practice, and healthcare delivery.

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Motivate to Excellence

As a public recognition, the Motivate Awards will be touring several metropolitan areas, promoting medical excellence in each region.  Candidates from each leg of the award’s tour will be nominated and voted on from their respective region.

The Motivate Awards for Medical Excellence is a way for patients, their family, and friends, to express appreciation for the medical professionals that have positively affected their lives.

The Motivate Awards was established by hip-hop pioneer, Anthony “AB Money” Mosley.

AB Money

Motivate to Appreciate

A few years ago, AB Money found himself, unexpectedly, in the hospital fighting for his life.  After numerous surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation stint, AB was able to resume his life in the manner to which he was accustomed. He attributes his recovery to the hospital medical staff that provided care for him during his illness.

When back on his feet, AB partnered up with music legends and up-and-comers to create a motivational song that encourages people to overcome life’s challenges.


Motivate,” by Lexz Pryde featuring Snoop Dogg and AB Money, is the theme song of the awards tour.

“Elevate. Educate. Motivate.” is what hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg raps at the beginning of the song “Motivate.”  Apart from getting superstar support on this song, Lexz intends for the song to be, “the catalyst for a movement with a mission to inspire people to pursue their dreams despite obstacles.”

Alongside family and friends, sometimes it takes a little more help and support to truly show your full appreciation and accomplish your vision.